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OXGN X9 Braided Line Multicolor

OXGN X9 Braided Line Multicolor

OXGN Braid X9


The latest 9-carrier Braid technology in OXGN X9 offers an extremely smooth and strong line. Designed for optimal strength and casting distance. A state-of-the-art new material utilizing 9 carriers' construction with a PE core SK78, make OXGN X9 Braided Line tightly woven fibers makes for a perfectly round profile, Slim, Softer, Strong, and resistant to abrasion, smoothly flows through for guides for increased casting distance.


Size :
- Dia 0.10mm /10lb/PE 1.0
- Dia 0.12mm/15lb/PE 1.5
- Dia 0.14mm/20lb/PE 2.0
- Dia 0.16mm/25lb/PE 2.5
- Dia 0.20mm/35lb/PE 3.0
- Dia 0.23mm/48lb/PE 4.0
- Dia 0.28mm/56lb/PE 5.0
- Dia 0.32mm/68lb/PE 6.0

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